• * We would never jeopardize anybody’s health by playing outside venues that do not have Covid-19 safety protocols in place, and we only play venues where we are more than 12’ away from others. It is a new world we are living in, so you should know this.. all of these places are opened as restaurants, and everyone must realize they must follow specific guidelines. Thus, if you come to a gig, you will be expected to sit,eat and/or have a drink or two, and of course wear a mask when you leave your seated area. We are all lucky that these venues are open, and have us playing for you. Please respect these places, it is how they will stay open, and we continue to play there. Thanks, RG


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  • Welcome To My Music Home


    My name is Rob Glassman, a New Haven, CT native, and have been performing in Connecticut, and beyond, for over 20 years.
    Currently I perform in 3 bands, two of which I co-front on guitar with RGB and Music Never Stopped.The other band I am percussionist, vocalist, and co-founder of Jen Durkin’s Steal Your Funk. We perform in clubs all over New England
    Also, when available, I perform with other bands, either as a percussionist, vocalist, and/or rhythm guitarist.
    Scroll down for my bio/info for all 3 bands.

    I feel honored and blessed to have shared the stage, and played, with the likes of the late Dr Charles Neville (Neville Brothers) Leo Nocentelli (The Meters), Doug Wimbish (Living Colour), Tim Palmieri, and members of Kung Fu, Sikiru Adepoju, Billy Iuso, Scott Gubermans, David Gans, and many other well-known musicians including the amazing Jen Durkin of Jen Durkin and The Business, Deep Banana Blackout, and in 2006 she fronted the band “Rhythm Devils,” which featured the Grateful Dead’s Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart,Steve Kimock, Mike Gordon (Phish), and Sikiru Adepoju.

    More of my Bio can be found below.

    My Other Musical Hobbies…

    -Original music and Ad-jingle writing
    -DJ services
    -Sound consulting

  • The great things that happened in 2019 couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the amazing support received from all of you, and as well as all those great venues. But the real credit goes to all those amazing musicians that joined me on stage in 2019. So many amazing moments and epic jams which thankfully got archived on our live archive pages with the help of my good friend John Spignesi, my partner in Music Never Stopped, but also is killing it with his own bands JSB and Something is Forming. I am so so thankful to him for not only what he brings to our band MNS, but to take time out to archive RGB stuff, while doing his own stuff, is absolutely amazing and love you so much!

    I want to take this moment to thank all of these great people who I have shared the stage with in 2019, and know I truly appreciate your musicianship, as well as your friendship. Love you!
    If I forgot anybody, please forgive me, but PM…Id want to add you
    Thank you….
    John Spignesi, Chris Gilbransen,Ralph Santoro, Ron Dievert, Chris D’Amato, Emmet Hale, Dan F Crea, Jordan Giangreco, W.s. Walcott, Jeff Martinson, Scoot VanDyke, Timothy Alan Morse, Eric Hyland, Jennifer Lynn Durkin, Matt McNulty, Alex Wu, Geoffrey Wadhams, Timothy Browne, Ryan Lunderville, Doug Wimbish,David Gans, Sam Kininger, Tim Palmieri, Adrian Tramontano, Mark Mercier, Mark Paradis, Chris Andrews, Steven Provost, Johnny Provo, Mike Pandiscio, Chuck Chesler, Phil Smith, Michael Galgano, Sammy Wags, Jerry Langley,John Henry Langley, Richard Youins, Jim Pino, Ken Donovan, Greg Koerner, Don DeStefano, Kate Ailsa, Pete Blossom, John Hurley, Jeremiah Sutherland, Pat Haddon, Miles Livolsi, Darian Cunning, Shawn Chewy Chua, Walter Tiffany, Dylan Kader, Jim Kader, Bobby Pickett, Michael Ryan, John Truelson, Paul Pasquaretta, Jay Hoyt, Drew Crossman, Hannah’s Field Band, and many more!!
    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Love you folks!


  • 1. RGB – The Rob Glassman Band (Guitar/vocals)

  • RGB and ACOUSTIC RGB play at dozens of breweries in and out of CT, as well as fairs, festivals, clubs, and private events around the Northeast and beyond.
    RGB ACOUSTIC is an option for happy hours, smaller venues, breweries, Sunday gigs, and as an opening act. Duo,Trios, Quartets, and often no amps at all.



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  • 2. Music Never Stopped (Guitar/vocals)

  • Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia Tribute Band
    started by Scott Guberman (Terrapin Crossroads, Phil Lesh and Friends), Johnny Chang, and Myself. Currently the core of this project is with young phenom, lead guitarist John Spignesi, and Myself.



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  • 3. STEAL YOUR FUNK (Percussions/Vocals)

  • Funk and Groove JamBand that began in Jan 2015 at New Haven’s Pacific Standard Tavern with JEN DURKIN (Deep Banana Blackout/The Business), JORDAN GIANGRECO (Viral Sound,The Breakfast,Legion of Jerry), and MYSELF, as well as a collective of amazing New England musicians that are often found onstage playing everything from The Grateful Dead, to anything funky and groovin’, as well as classic motown stuff. Since the formation of SYF, the following musicians have joined the band for an evening, or more:
    Doug Wimbish (Living Colour,Jeff Beck,Rolling Stones)
    Leo Nocentelli (The Meters)
    Dr. Charles Neville (The Neville Brothers)
    Zach Nugent (JGB)

    Jen Durkin is also well-known for not only fronting Deep Banana Blackout, but for also joining Grateful Dead drummers Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann , with Mike Gordon (Phish) and Steve Kimock , on an amazing 30 day tour debuting new songs written by Robert Hunter. Jen “Pipes” kept on touring in the Mickey Hart Band with master of funk George Porter, Jr, Walfredo Reyes, Jr. and Kyle Hollingsworth, through the summer of 2008.






  • Growing up I loved R & B and Motown, and a whole lot more, including classic rock and even disco. Watching music shows like American Bandstand, Soul Train, and MTV also had a big influence on me.
    Then in high school I went to my first Grateful Dead concert, and was hooked! I began seeing shows, touring, collecting tapes, and all that came along, which including learning about not only about music, but also about other bands that encompassed The Grateful Dead. Especially the Woodstock bands, and at same time diving into Bob Dylan, The Radiators, The Neville Brothers, The Meters, Phish, and Widespread Panic. When Branford Marsalis performed with the GD, my ears began to find the love for jazz, and the legends, like the late Stanley Turrentine, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Ornette Coleman, and many more.
    After seeing the Grateful Dead, especially watching their two drummers, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman, I became interested in taking on percussions, however more of a fun thing to do than anything else. I soon started to play a wooden tone box back in the late 80’s, and then began to sit in with a few bands. After returning from living on the island of Maui in 1991, I purchased a pair of Green CPs by LP, followed by a pair of mini LPs, as well as a pair of Matador Bongos. All of which I still own and play today. I also added blocks, bells, symbols, and scaled-down rack, and began to play out with various blues bands around New Haven during the 90s. In the late 90’s I decided to take playing guitar a little more seriously, and began teaching myself, of course with a little help from some close friends. Soon I formed a band, began writing music, and playing out more often.

    My hobby still continues, and love sharing it with all of you..

    So much fun!

    I thank all those who come see us and support the music and positive vibes!